Mobile Patrol Units

Our nightly patrol services patrol all manner of commercial premises within and outside of town-centres. This means that at any time our command centre can contact and direct our mobile patrol units to assist in a coordinated alarm response, in the event of an emergency.

Muswellbrook Security Services has the capacity to suitably alter individual patrol routes to incorporate new and regular visitations or casual coverage (for example, during holiday or shut-down periods).

Our mobile patrol units are highly experienced in a multitude of different environments and achieve results! On many occasions our patrol units have successfully prevented or minimised the loss and damage of property and assets. Muswellbrook Security Services is proud to inform that our MPU squads have been extremely influential in the successful prosecution of criminals by NSW Police for almost 25 years.

Muswellbrook Security Services' mobile patrol unit service offers your home or business an affordable security solution. Our patrol units are highly equipped to coordinate an individual or combined response to any abnormalities they encounter upon inspection of your premises. Mobile Patrol Units are cost effective means of establishing security presence and can eliminate the need and costs of providing guard services.

The patrol service can be tailored to include an external inspection of the premises or both an external and internal inspection. Internal inspections ensure that the internal environment is properly secured against security threats. Our MPU's can check the status of internal alarms, secured areas and notify management of any suspicious after hours entries or activity.