CCTV Control Centre

Muswellbrook Security Services is proud to present our new dedicated video surveillance monitoring capability from within our Muswellbrook Command Centre. The video control centre is the only one of its kind in the Upper Hunter and incorporates the highest quality technical CCTV system equipment and service.

This capability represents the most innovative and effective security solution in the market. Video CCTV surveillance suits itself to a vast range of environments, from night-watch in foaling season for Horse studs, perimeter watch for larger sites such as mines and shopping centres, or simply residential surveillance monitoring in holiday seasons.

The service will include constant CCTV monitoring by our tactical response experts as well as digital video recording and frequent interval reporting. The monitoring service hours and reporting times are variable to suit your individual day and night video surveillance and reporting needs. Customers may also incorporate a mobile patrol unit with the service to enforce a combined digital and guard presence.

The Control Centre incorporates the latest CCTV surveillance and recording equipment and is run on a separate discrete dedicated server to ensure maximum integrity and reliability. The system in many circumstances can displace or reduce the need for permanent static guards and mobile patrols units and act as a major deterrent for criminals.

The system establishes the unique capability to monitor and respond in real-time. Digital CCTV video feeds will allow us to spontaneously assess situations in order to orchestrate an appropriate and immediate tactical response. Video surveillance greatly reduces the chance of false alarms and therefore reduces unnecessary costs and inconveniences to owners.

This service is available Australia wide. In cases outside our service area reciprocal arrangements will prevail from partnering local licensed security guards.