Muswellbrook Security Services offers a range of alarm systems for both residential and commercial environments. Upon the inspection of your property, our security technicians will work with you to customise a high-tech, state of the art alarm system that suits your budget.

From just over $1 per day you can choose to have your alarm system monitored by MSS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring system is engineered to directly alert our tactical response team. In the event of an emergency the tactical response team is trained to orchestrate a prompt and effective response, to prevent/minimise damages and to ensure the best chance of prosecuting criminals.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm-monitoring systems utilise the highest grade technical equipment in the industry. They can protect your property from fire and smoke damage with heat and smoke detectors, as well as from human error, such as staff forgetting to turn an alarm on. 

Muswellbrook Security Services can arrange for the placement of static security guards to protect your home or business. Our guards are licenced professionals who through our staff rotation program are highly experienced in a broad range of security environments. 

To maximise the security of your premises we recommend the integration of our 24/7 alarm monitoring service or our static gaurd and mobile patrol unit options.